Interested in joining the CTGMC?

We’re holding auditions for our 2019/2020 Season on Tuesday, August 27 and Tuesday, September 3 at 7:30 pm.

We welcome male singers over age 18 and of all orientations. Click below for more information and to be notified about the audition schedule.


In the meantime, check us out at our summer events all around Connecticut:

Founded in 1986,

the Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus was the first organization of its kind in the state and a proud member of the LGBT choral movement—helping galvanize and change the course of LGBT history.

The chorus continues to inspire other arts-based community organizations around New England. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Greg McMahan, the CTGMC has in recent seasons established a heightened level of performance standards receiving audience and critical acclaim, increased its profile, and broadened its impact and reputation in the community while maintaining its signature blend of humor, personality and thrilling performances.

Founded in 1986,

The CTGMC performs at, as well as supports, an ever-increasing number of community outreach organizations to raise funds and awareness of a variety of social and LGBT programs.

We aim to portray the very best of the gay community in an authentic way. And, to further our mission of building bridges between the gay community and the community at large, we now welcome men of all orientations to join us in song and fellowship.  

Thanks to our successful monthly fundraiser Bingomania and our family of donors and sponsors, we are not only committed to keeping our ticket prices affordable, but we are able to set aside 10% of our tickets to offer to LGBT youth, AIDS outreach, and other social outreach programs at no cost.

Interested in joining the chorus?

We’d love to hear from you!

Our next Open House and auditions for prospective new members will be held on Tuesday, August 27 and Tuesday, September 3 at 7:30 at our rehearsal space in New Haven. We welcome male singers over age 18 and of all orientations. Previous choral and/or theatre experience is preferred but not necessary—all we ask is your commitment to attend Tuesday rehearsals and that you enjoy the experience and camaraderie. Please prepare a song that showcases your talent; a pianist will be provided. For more information and to be notified regarding the audition schedule, contact our Membership Chairman below.